Engine valves

Bhagvati Engineers manufactures and produce combustion engine valves as intake valves and exhaust valves. The intake engine valves allow fuel and air mixture get into the cylinder. And the exhaust engine valves no need of any wider opening because pressure inside the cylinder is enough to push gases outside the chamber. This both process takes place continuously in the engine to run.

We believe to provide best performance, accurate quality and real value from intake to exhaust engine valves such as below and custom engine valves as per the customer requirement.

As the engine valve is a critical part of the engine performs in an environment of high temperatures, any destructive friction or severe vibration. This type of conditions may harsh the whole engine product and to rescue from this all we Bhagvati engineers are always look up and use high-quality materials, we are specialized in manufacturing varieties of engine valves, we also provide different metallic composition according the manufacture standard followed and will always try to give best resulting quality by producing high-performance engine values.

This manufactured by plating chrome on the steam of the valve. It lengthens durability in the valve and increases up to the steam resistance.

This is very tough process of coating nitrite on the engine valve. Compared to stainless steel, its base material is very micro and highly soft over the nitrated layer. It is expanding the deterioration and corrosion resistance.

Other than, that the black nitrite applies to the whole valve and the nitrite layer is stick to the base material at microscopic level, so the nitrite valve does not break when its bend due to impacts with the pistons. Nitration processed on valve decreases stickiness and this feature lengthen valve more durability.

The regular alloy material is used in manufacturing of this valve. There are two types of steel: austenitic and martensitic.

There are magnetic and non magnetic valves which are depending upon the engine sustaining the valve.

Bi-metal engine valves made up with two different metals. Mainly the valves are exhaust which is made up by welding process.

There are two techniques one is austenitic steel with the heat and corrosion resistance power and other one is martensitic steel high tensile strength and abrasive wear resistance power both are used in high stressed exhaust valves.